Hi! Remember me??? I know….I know……I haven’t blogged in SO long! But I’m back!!! And I’m sharing a fun personal post from today!

Zoe will be 6 in 2 months and she’s never had a real haircut. I took her for a “dry cut” last summer, just to clean up some ends, but this summer, her hair was destroyed! The chlorine wreaked havoc on her gorgeous tresses and fried her hair. It was a fun summer, full of camp, the beach cabana and a LOT of swimming. But what wasn’t fun for this momma, who had to attempt to brush that hair and definitely not for the girl who cried because of the knots. I wanted to get her a real, proper haircut but I wasn’t trusting just anyone to do it. We decided the only person fit for the task was my long-time hair dresser, Andrew John (he also cuts my husband’s hair for the past several years!) Andrew is the best and we pay a premium for him and his cuts always grow out amazingly, which is one of the things that makes his price so worth it, since I only need a few cuts a year! He also doesn’t typically cut children’s hair, but we were going to make him do it anyway! He was happily up for the task and Zoe loved feeling like such a big girl! She sat perfectly still (not easy for a kid that constantly fidgets!) and was quite serious most of the time. She didn’t talk or ask questions, in typical Zoe-fashion….she just took it alllll in. She also got a big kick out of us holding her water for her to take sips from, in true princess, pampering style. Ever the diva!

Little sister got to tag along and read magazine and color. She already had her real first haircut last month, after she decided to do a little trim at home herself. She did quite the hack job (thankfully she did NOT touch her bangs!) but it was literally a few days before we were leaving a big family cruise. I needed to take her to have her hair cleaned up before we left. Never a dull moment with that child around!

Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut Zoe first real haircut

I received an inquiry for a photo shoot the other day. I replayed to the client with my pricing. She got back to me and said “That’s a little too much for me to spend on pictures right now. One day though!” And honestly, that made me angry. It made me angry because these aren’t just ‘pictures’ I take. And when exactly will it be “one day?” Your children will not be this age ever again. This moment in time will not be here ever again. At one point does it become THE “one day” that you will invest in preserving those memories?

I can say with absolute certainty, you will never regret making the investment into having beautiful images made of you and your family. You will never regret displaying beautiful art of you and your family in your home. You will never regret smiling every time you past those images hanging on your walls. You will pause, and admire them and remember the moments making them. You might even get teary-eyed. And you will thank yourself for not putting it off to “one day.” You will thank yourself for making that one day be today.

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Spring is here and that mean Mother’s Day is fast approaching. And with both of those things, comes my favorite type of session: mommy & me sessions. I will again be doing Mother’s Day Mini sessions at the end of April into May. That’s when all the pretty stuff is in bloom, like cherry blossoms, forsythia and magnolias. Grass will be green again. Leaves on trees. Birds singing. And you and your kids being captured in all your beauty and love for all of time. this year, I am not limited these to certain days, as I want to be able to dedicate as much as I can to each session (I will do 2 or 3 in one day at the most!)

These will be 30 minute sessions and there will be two packages available. Both will include 8×12 Fine Art Prints. I am completely obsessed with fine art prints (can be upgraded to a standout, another client favorite!) The second package will include a 6×6 linen covered album!! Please email info@peanutpip.com to book your session. Spots are limited!

And put an end to putting off that “one day”…..


  • Shannon - April 6, 2015 - 9:49 pm

    These are beautiful images, really gorgeous!! You are a very talented photographer! So prettyReplyCancel

  • shalonda - April 8, 2015 - 12:11 pm

    perfectly said and beautifully captured!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Rebekah - April 12, 2015 - 9:55 am

    Well said! I know I love the photos I have of my family hanging up on my walls and in photo books to thumb through. It makes me happy to display the evidence of our love for each other in my home.ReplyCancel

  • Karen - June 2, 2015 - 9:50 pm

    I was sent on to your beautiful work by Jaye’s blog post of your amazing family! Well said about the One Day blog, I couldn’t agree more!ReplyCancel

I can’t believe I never shared this session from last summer! When Miranda’s mother first contacted me for a senior session, I was so excited. I rarely get to do senior sessions and I love doing them. Especially in the city! They were planning a trip to New York City for Miranda to look at some collages and Miranda wanted to have her senior pictures taken while they were here. Oh, did I mention that they live in Missouri?! Confession: I totally thought Missouri was further west than it really is. Fun fact: Brad Pitt is from Missouri, in a neighboring town and Miranda’s step-father grew up with him! How cool are they? I think they are probably the coolest people in Missouri. The timing worked out perfectly for their trip, in that I was just going to be returning from our family vacation. We exchanged some location ideas and I put together a Pinterest board with some inspiration ideas and they loved them! I was so excited to get this opportunity to do this session. Out of all the photographers in the NYC area, Miranda loved my work. From a girl such incredible taste, that was truly humbling and I was so honored.

Little did I know, until I arrived at their hotel in the morning while Miranda was getting her make-up done, that she was probably the most stylish girl I have ever met! Miranda definitely fits in way more in NYC than she does in Missouri! All of the styling was done by her. She has amazing taste. Miranda is very creative and smart and also really sweet. She is also a good luck charm because at all our different locations we went to around Manhattan, I was able to find parking spots right away. That pretty much never happens in NYC!

I had planned to start our session on The High Line, but around the corner from the hotel I saw this great wall mural and I made us walk over there to get a few quick shots. Miranda was totally game and loved the mural too. As soon as I saw it, I pictured her posing with it and she did an amazing job:

nyc senior summer sessionThen we went to The High Line, which was nice and empty since it was so early in the morning: nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer sessionSince Chelsea Market was close-by, I thought it would be fun to stop there. Miranda was beyond excited when we wandered into Eleni’s because its a nut-free bakery and Miranda has severe allergies. She never gets to have bakery cupcakes back in Missouri: nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer sessionCan you tell she was happy?: nyc senior summer sessionChelsea Market was also nice and empty so we were able to steal a few pictures with the amazing industrial setting: nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer sessionNext we headed over to Washington Square Park, and Miranda had another amazing outfit (and those shoes!!!!) to change into: nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer sessionMiranda was a little hesitant to get into the fountain, but thankfully she trusted me and had some fun: nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer sessionThis is my favorite look of Miranda’s. This dress was simply stunning (as were the shoes again!) and she really rocked it out. This is one of my favorite images ever: nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer session nyc senior summer sessionOur last stop was The Strand, because Miranda is a voracious reader and loves books. I knew she would love this place: nyc senior summer session

  • Audrey - March 24, 2015 - 1:16 pm

    All of these are seriously gorgeous!! The colors, the locations and of course Miranda! She is beautiful! Congratulations to her on her Senior year and you captured her perfectly!ReplyCancel

  • Rochelle - March 24, 2015 - 4:28 pm

    You have the best shooting locations, I love the cafe photo and her outfit, I wish I had beautiful images like this when I was that age, these are perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Kat - March 24, 2015 - 4:32 pm

    Fun session! I love the variety in outfits and locations.ReplyCancel

  • Miranda - March 24, 2015 - 5:27 pm

    These senior pictures and urban locations are the bees knees! Seriously these are so cool, plus I love her name. Wish you were in the area I’d totally call you. 🙂 and I love the library/book store shot!ReplyCancel

  • Carmen - March 25, 2015 - 3:51 pm

    Lovely senior pictures, the variety you captured is awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Linda N - December 30, 2015 - 7:32 pm

    I love this whole session…just so special.ReplyCancel

Veronica’s aunt is a really cool and funny person. I’ve known her for her a very long time and she gifted a photo shoot to her sister for her niece, Veronica. She was a such a cute girl and once again, so easy! She never cried or whined and even better, she wasn’t walking yet and didn’t try to crawl away when we put her down. I love kids like that! She also gave us some really great emotions and expressions, which I love! We used my carved rocking horse with her and she loved it.

We did this session last August on a day that wasn’t super humid. If I remember correctly, it was super buggy though! One of the downfalls of living on Long Island: mosquitoes. We have SO many of them and they all seem to be at my favorite shooting locations. Naturally they get worse at sunset, which is when I always shoot (the best light!) Poor Veronica got a few bites, but she didn’t seem to mind at all. I think all the adults minded a lot more! Bug spray, and lots of it, are always in my camera bag in the summer months for photo shoots!

A fun fact: all of the dresses and accessories Veronica is wearing in this session are from my private collection. If you have been a fan of mine for a long time, you’ll notice the first green polka dot dress Veronica is wearing! I used in one of my very favorite pictures I took of Zoe at 7 months. The second dress she is wearing was Piper’s! And the third dress both of my girls have worn (and I used it with other clients because it is one of my very favorite dresses ever.) My girls have had (and continue to have) a very extensive wardrobe. Many of the things I buy for them I buy with photo shoots in mind. I don’t always get to use them but I keep them because I hope to be able to use them with clients. I love being able to style my clients and I am always happy to provide wardrobe and accessories whenever I can. In fact, if I have a piece you love, we can always plan a styled session around it!

Veronica is going to be a big sister soon, so I thought I’d finally share her session with you!

summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot summer photo shoot

This mom was the lucky recipient of my free 1,000 like contest over on my Peanut and Pip Photography Facebook page. The truth is, I feel like I won because her 3 girls were SOOOO good for our shoot. The two older ones are almost the exact same age as my two (and middle sister Hannah was amazing similar to Piper in her personality!) I only WISH my girls listened and behaved this well on shoots. Baby Julia did eat a little dirt (that’s good for them, right??) but she smiled and clapped and stayed where we put her. I had so much fun with these girls and my heart almost burst at the end of our session when Brooke and Hannah each asked to hold my hands when we were walking out. I seriously love what I do!

I swear the stars aligned for this photo shoot. It was warm, it was sunny, it wasn’t buggy, the girls were amazingly well behaved and I think these might be the sharpest pictures I’ve ever taken in my life. Pure perfection.

2014-11-06_0032 2014-11-06_0033 2014-11-06_0034 2014-11-06_0035 2014-11-06_0036I think there was where Brooke & Hannah just watched as Julia ate some dirt: 2014-11-06_0037 2014-11-06_0038 2014-11-06_0039 2014-11-06_0040 2014-11-06_0041

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