An honor for a photographer is being hired again. And again. So for the third year in a row, I had the honor of shooting the Newtiz family again in their home.

But its not that easy. You see, they challenge me. And that’s a good thing. Every year, I go to their house. Their house hasn’t changed in three years. The kids might have grown a little, but essentially everything is the same. So I am challenged at how to make each year different and stand apart from the previous year. We might use the same spots, we might use similar poses, but that doesn’t mean things have to look the same.

So I love the challenge they present to me each year. And when mom, Deb told me I outdid myself this year, I knew I had risen to that challenge!

I dubbed this year “The Year of Ryan” because middle child Ryan really allowed himself to have fun and enjoy being photographed this year. He is turning into such a handsome young man and my camera was loving him this year. I took these while I was waiting for the rest of the family (read: the girls) to finish getting ready:

I love the classicness (not sure that’s really a word) of them all dressed in black and white with their very traditional landscaping as a backdrop:

Last year I decided I wanted to feature the amazing architecture of their home. They loved those pictures so much, we decided to use it again this year:

Every year, they have asked me to do pictures on their sweeping staircase. Every year we attempt it and I fail. This year was no different, sort of. While we weren’t thrilled with the poses I arranged for them as a family, I did yield some great shots of Dad and the boys and others of the kids together. But next year, challenge accepted!:

Another pose we did last year that we did again this year. But we all love it so much! I have a feeling these kids will be doing this pose for many, many more years:

We went back out to the front of the house, but this time we used the front lawn, which we hadn’t done before. The pictures I took out here were probably my favorites of the whole day. Love this shot of Ryan (see what I mean about this being the Year of Ryan?!):

I LOVE these two pictures. Like, a LOT. And I LOVE how Payton pulled away from the boys a little. That girl always manages to steal the show:

Kids being kids, running and laughing. My absolute favorites. The one on the bottom of all three of them running is my absolute favorite of the day:

The first year I did their pictures, I had posed Deb & Noah in a chair in the yard. While they sat there, the kids were running wild behind them. I actually loved the way those pictures came out and Deb must have also because she asked if we could get a shot like that again. So we tried, this time under a great tree out front. Love it:

I had another pose I wanted to try with them…these were the outtakes of Dylan and Ryan before we got the actual shot:

Here is the shot I wanted. Seriously, love:

Deb asked for a few shots of just her and Noah. I was super excited about that because the day before I did their shoot, I was in the city doing a really fun engagement shoot with an amazing photografriend of mine. Watching her direct her couple with confidence gave me the confidence to pose Deb & Noah:

And once again, Payton stealing the show:

And again:

And again!:

Can’t wait till next year, Newitz family!

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    Adorable family, love the outfits are so cute and simple! The shot with the three children lying down with their heads together is a great pose idea 🙂ReplyCancel

Back in 2010 when I was first starting out, I did an engagement session for my cousin-in-law (is that a real thing?) and her fiance. Fast forward to September 2012 and I was shooting their son’s first birthday pictures! I think its safe to say my skills have improved.

For Tate’s pictures, which we took on his actual birthday, we met up at Brooklyn Bridge Park on a warm but windy afternoon. It was packed, as one might expect on a nice Saturday in September. We got to see a wedding take place and lots of brides having their pictures taken in gorgeous wedding gowns. With the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge and Jane’s Carousel as backdrops, not to mention the Manhattan skyline, its such an amazing place to photograph. And when your subject is as sweet and cute as Tate, it makes my job so much better. Plus it became a fun family affair, with Rob and my girls along and a great pizza dinner after, how do I really call it work??


Tate is growing up in such an amazing family:

And he is SO loved:

I’ve had this fire engine sitting around collecting dust for about 3 years and was so happy to finally use it! And Tate loved it too:

Smiling for daddy:

The foot kills me:

Love Tate’s hair:

Hi Tate:

I love this shot soooo much:

Tate is a total momma’s boy and Laura is just fine with that:

We decided to head over to the carousel. Only problem was that every.time. Tate went past me, he looked the other way! We were all laughing but it wasn’t exactly how we pictured things going ahead of time:

Just look at how Tate looks at his mommy! And then look at his adorable feet:

After getting frustrated that Tate would not look my way, Laura & Danny moved to the seat and I sort of got his face:

Gotta love some sun flare:

There are so many amazing spots to shoot in at Brooklyn Bridge Park. One of the most popular is this building facade and the arches and its not that difficult to see why:

Tate was almost standing on his own, but still needed a little assistance:

Tate is such a happy little guy:

Love these shots:

Especially this one:

Since Zoe & Piper were with us, we thought it would be fun to get shots of the little cousins together. Tate was the first baby Zoe held (while I was pregnant with Piper) and she fell in love with him. After that, every baby she saw she called Tate, even Piper when she was first born. And even though this was Tate’s photo shoot, Piper kind of stole the show for a few minutes:

I’ve always felt so lucky to be a part of Rob’s extended family, and I know our kids are even luckier:

Piper and Tate are four months apart and I think they are going to grow up to be great friends:

Last shot of Tate’s feet, I swear:

We ended our session with this gorgeous family picture:

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    Jenn, your work just blows me away every.single.time! You have a gift…ReplyCancel

At the end of August (yes, that’s how long its been since I’ve blogged new sessions!) I did an amazing shoot with my friend Jessica and her daughter Maddie. She wanted a mother/daughter shoot and I wanted it to really reflected who they are. And since Jess has passed on her love of reading to Maddie and they they love to read together, we centered the session around that! I think this whole session is by far my best work ever and I will be sharing almost every single picture from it very soon. For now, just enjoy these:

    F a c e b o o k
    P i n t e r e s t
    I n s t a g r a m
    S u b s c r i b e