Last month, I had a really great family session at The Sands Point Preserve. The weather wasn’t what the forecasters said it would be-shocking, I know-but other than than, it was an almost perfect shoot. I’ll do a full blog post very soon, after the family gets to see their pictures. So in the meantime, enjoy this sneak peak:

  • Amanda Lamb - May 4, 2011 - 6:10 pm

    Nice work! I knew you had to be a hipster….love the emotion of these! :) ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly Chau - May 10, 2011 - 1:28 pm

    Cute portraits! I can’t wait to see the rest, Jennifer! :) ReplyCancel

As if I could ever just put Zoe in one outfit for a fun, relaxed afternoon shoot….nahh! What fun would that be? So when my friend Jessica and I took our girls to The Planting Fields Arboretum last week, I made sure I took plenty of cute dresses for Zoe to play in. She’s such a good sport and loves to play dress up, so she doesn’t seem to care at all. Crossing my fingers she’s always that easy.

This dress is just so sweet. I need to go back and get it for her in every size so she never grows out of it:

There she is, crossing her arms again:

Running and singing:

So happy:

I love how it appears that she’s giving complete attitude in the picture on the left, but she really isn’t. And the in picture on the right, she suddenly needed to lift up her dress and check out her boots. Such a silly girl:

And one more of Zoe giving me a “muah”. Thank you Jessica! I love this picture!

If you are a keen observer of this blog, Zoe’s green dress might look familiar. My very favorite picture I ever took of her, she is wearing this dress, She was 7 months old and Father’s Day was a week away. I grabbed her and my camera and plunked her down on the yard and snapped away. I actually passed up the picture at first, thinking she was making a funny face. Then I looked again…and realized she looked like a doll. And I love it so much, its the centerpiece of my business card. Really, my card folds open and inside is the picture of Zoe in her green dress. Now she actually fits into it and I’ve been looking forward to putting it on her again.  So when we went to The Planting Fields Arboretum last week, I threw it  in the bag in hopes of capturing something special again. As usual, Zoe didn’t disappoint.

I made sure to bring the same necklace and headband that I used in the original picture:

I love the picture on the right of her walking and her little expression. She was doing her usual talking/singing while she walks:

I love this picture. And I love Maddie dancing in the background in her Zozobugbaby dress:

She was enjoying playing on the steps. I should also point out this is where we took our wedding pictures:

Zoe displayed a new talent all of a sudden. She started crossing her arms over her chest. I have NO idea where that came from, but she did it and my friend Jessica and I just looked at each other and laughed. Good thing Zoe decided to show off a new talent when she had two cameras on her!

She’s also smiling back at me now and she loved kicking around the gravel path:

Zoe watching Maddie eat a lollipop:

Zoe in her “cools”:

One of Zoe’s very favorite games is being chased. If you tell her “I’m gonna git you!” she bursts into giggles and runs! She used to just crawl really fast, but she’s quite the runner! That’s my friend Jessica “getting” her:

Looking over her shoulder to make sure I’m getting her and Maddie getting her too:

My favorite part of this picture is Maddie in the background. I wish I had realized how cute she looked and snapped a clear shot of her too:

Jessica snapped this picture of me & Z and I seriously couldn’t love it more:

As I’ve said before, one of the best things about having a girl is the clothes. Everywhere we go, people always comment not only on Zoe’s looks, but they also comment on her clothes, her coats, her shoes. To the point where I wonder when this will become a problem for her and expecting attention as she gets older. I do occasionally dress Zoe in jeans. I swear, I do! In fact she, she has them on today. But then I try to find a way to make it different by paring it with an unexpected top or even a dress. I mix and match patterns and styles and it works. So when I came across Zozobugbaby, I knew I had found a clothing line I was going to love. Julie, the genius behind Zozo (named for her oldest daughter, Zoe, who along with her little sister Delia, is stunning!), makes exquisite, colorful clothes. I wish I could afford one of everything. In every size.

The dress Maddie is wearing in these pictures was my very first Zozo purchase. I loved the colors, patterns and fabrics and had to buy it. But I knew I wanted it in a bigger size, not Zoe’s size. (Although now I totally wish I had gotten in Zoe’s size too.) I was so excited when it came in the mail, back in December (!!!!) and I was even more excited to finally use it last week!!! It fit Maddie so perfectly. And I paired with the petticoat from The Measure (another incredible clothing maker), over jeans and bam!!! Perfect mis-matched outfit! Maddie and Zoe had a fabulous time running around The Planting Fields Arboretum and Maddie’s mom, Jessica and I had even more fun taking their pictures!!

Zoe holding out her hand for me to come with her:

Love Maddie’s expressions:

Love the arm up for balance on the left and the on the right, another “Mommy, come with me” stance:

Just adorable:

Maddie made faces to keep Zoe entertained:

Seriously, so freaking cute:

I really wanted to get pictures of this dress with the backdrop of forsythias. Just before we left and Zoe was really at the end of her rope, I spotted a huge spray of forsythias! I threw her Zozo dress back on her and got some cute shots:

My little peanut and her piggies:

Lovelovelove this dress:

I love this shot of Maddie:

I can’t wait to use more of my awesome Zozo dresses in future shoots and for Zoe just to have fun wearing hers out and about, now that we’re finally getting some warm weather in NY!

Pigtails. I was so anxiously awaiting the world of pigtails.

When I got pregnant all I wanted was a  girl. Because I love girl stuff. Dressing up, doing nails, having tea parties, playing with dollies, the whole kit ‘n kaboodle. Whatever that means.

And a few weeks ago, I decided to see if Zoe’s hair was long enough for pigtails. I think I squealed with delight when it was! I know I shouldn’t, but I put her piggies in pretty much everyday. Even if we’re just hanging around the house. I love them that much. Just like I dress her everyday, even if we don’t leave the house and most of the time its in dresses or skirts. I see no reason why she can’t be dressed up everyday. A friend just commended me on the fact that I put dresses on Zoe because she never put her daughter in dresses and always thought everything was “too nice.” That’s one of the BEST things about having a girl: the clothes!!!! Isn’t it??

I took this yesterday when a friend and I and our little girls had a fun little dress up/play/photo shoot at our favorite arboretum. I’ll be posting pictures from that very soon. In the meantime, go dress your little girlies up. NOW!

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