sitting in the long grass in summer

Last August, with 2 kids still in diapers, we packed up my mother’s minivan and drove to Chicago to visit my friend Amy and her kids. Amy and I have been friends since the end of 9th grade. We met through a desk. Yes, you read that correctly. 25 years ago, I had a “conversation” with another student on a desk we shared at different periods in the school day. It started with the other student writing who she loved. I wrote who I loved. And we went back and forth. Eventually, we found out who each other was and we became fast friends. We were inseparable in 10th grade, bonding through a love of The Smiths, Morrissey, Sinead O’Connor and lots other awesome 80′s New Wave music. We shared clothes, had “dress in back” days and were obsessed with the cool drama kids. Amy wanted to be a model and I wanted to be a fashion photographer (does this shock anyone???) and we used to have photo shoots. Yes, I have been photographing Amy for a long time!!!! In our 25 years of friendship, we have been there for each other through lots and lots of relationships, friendship drama, marriages, babies, divorce and even more. In 2009, we found ourselves pregnant at the same time with baby girls, who were born 5 weeks apart. Isn’t life funny?

While we were visiting, I promised to do a photo shoot of Amy and her beautiful kids. Her two older kids are incredibly smart and caring people and are truly amazing to their little sister. We loved hanging out with them, even going into Chicago one evening. Zoe developed a little crush on Tommy, which wasn’t surprising at all. In fact, she kept photo-bombing pictures of him! It was so sweet.

They really are such a beautiful family:

And they know how to be silly and make each other laugh:

Sisters that love each other so much:
I LOVE this shot:
Morgan is such a sweet little girl and I hope and her Zoe grow up to be great friends:

Tommy is an incredibly smart and handsome young man:
This is what 11 looks like. Yes, Sydney was only 11 when I took this picture:
Amy has such a beautiful relationship with each of her kids. Her and Sydney are so fun and silly with each other, but above all, there is love:

my muses

Zoe and Piper are rarely cooperative on photo shoots. Especially Piper. She doesn’t want to stay still. At.all. It can be very frustrating, to say the least. And any photographer who shoots their own kids would agree. Yet, I keep doing it. Again and again. I suppose I’m a glutton for punishment. But they really are my little muses. And every once in a while, Zoe is the mood to please and a shoot is pretty fun. Other than the ridiculous amount of mosquitoes at sunset, this shoot went not-so-badly (which in mamatographer terms means pretty good!)

Zoe held a pose for more an 2 seconds!:

Piper on the move!:
My loves:

The Townson Family

On a chilly afternoon in may, I met up with the cutest and sweetest little family at Brooklyn Bridge Park for a photo shoot. They also win the award for naming their son the coolest name this side of Westeros (yes, I too am a big Game of Thrones fan.) 9 month old Jorah is one of the cutest little boys I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. They doted on Jorah (and each other!) We missed riding the carousel, (completely my fault. I thought it was open for another hour. Summer hours started the following weekend!) but we still had lot of fun at all the amazing locations that Brooklyn Bridge Park has to offer.

This is one of my favorite family pictures ever:

Future heartbreaker? Definitely:

Don’t worry, mom & dad were just out of the picture for safety:
I love this picture SO much, it made it onto my latest round of business cards!:

The park was actually quite crowded the afternoon we were there, but I love that this shot makes it look like we had the park all to ourselves:

Jorah LOVES this daddy. And his daddy loves him back:
Mom’s pretty fond of him too:
Jorah was SO.freaking,happy standing with this bucket:
And even happier when Sophie made a cameo:
Ahhh, young love:
LOVE these shot of Justin and Jorah:
And then Angie pulled out the fedoras. Oh, the.cuteness:

The (not-so) supermoon and my girls

Remember that time we had a supermoon? Yeah, it was all that super.

A few weeks ago, we were to have a supermoon. I was so excited, I had it written on my calender for months. I was even more excited that I was going to meet up with some of my photografriends to shoot it at moonrise on the beach. I was worried when I headed out that evening that it was cloudy. And my worries were not for naught. It was too cloudy to actually see the moonrise and see the moon rise seemingly out of the ocean. In fact, it was almost a full 10 minutes after the moonrise when my friend spotted it! It was an awesome orange color, but not nearly as big as we had hoped. Well boo for us.

But I convinced my husband to bring the girls (in a separate car since the moonrise was way past their bedtime.) So I was able to capture some cute shots of them. Always a bonus to me!

Zoe and her incredible eyes:

Piper & Zoe had SO much fun climbing on the lifeguard stand that was laying down:
There’s the super moon:
And because I was slightly unimpressed by the moon, I turned around and happened to just get this awesome shot of the Fire Island Lighthouse:

dear zoe (a personal letter)

My dear Zoe-

Have I ever told you what a gift you truly are to me? I know I lose my patience often with you and I am sometimes way too short with you. I hate that I’m like that. Its not the momma you deserve. You are such a kind and gentle soul. Everybody that meets you falls in love with you. And you’ve always been like that, since you were a little baby. Going out with you was like going out with a celebrity. Everybody would ooh and ahh over you and you seemed to relish it. But now you become shy. And believe me, I love that you are leery of strangers. But when I’m by your side, I wish you wouldn’t be so scared. I’ve always told you that I’ll never let anything bad happen to you and I mean that.

I’m starting to see shades of myself in you and it worries me. I see fear and trepidation holding you back from doing things you would otherwise enjoy. I don’t want you feel this way. I want you to fearlessly go after everything that captures your imagination and soul. But I know I can’t force you or make you understand. You need to discover that on your own.

Today you are 3 years and 7 months old. I remember (almost) every detail of the day you were born (the drugs from the emergency c-section make things a little unclear, like how I reportedly held you in my arms very briefly before they took you off to the NICU.) But that moment, 24 hours later, when I really held you for the first time, you became my world. You were so unimaginatively perfect in every way and oh so tiny. I love you more than I can make you understand, but especially to the moon and back.

I’m going to try to do write a letter and blog post to Zoe every month on the 11th day. Stay tuned, won’t you??

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