Sneak peak: All in the family

This past weekend, in the midst of a heatwave (and a pretty bad chest cold), I did a photo shoot with an amazing family. 26 amazing family members to be exact. It was probably the hardest shoot I’ve ever done and when it was over it was all kind of a blur. But in a good way! I have a LOT of pictures to edit, but wanted to get a couple of sneak peaks up for everyone to see.

Here is the whole gorgeous family:

And here are the 11 stunning first cousins:

  • Al Beitchman - June 4, 2013 - 8:10 am

    Must have been chaoticReplyCancel

  • Jackie Kos - June 7, 2013 - 11:12 pm

    Best family ever and so proud to be the Grandma. Thank you for taking such wonderful photosReplyCancel

  • jennifer - June 11, 2013 - 5:23 pm

    Dad-It was chaotic but I had tow amazing assistants with me! I couldn’t have done it without them.ReplyCancel

I love to feel the rain in the summertime

Ok, so its not quite summertime here on Long Island yet, but its been very warm (finally! Today was actually balmy!) and rather nice. This weekend, however, we got just a bit of rain (read: all weekend.) I have been wanting to get my girl out in the rain for a shoot but needed it to be warm enough but I also wanted fog. I loooooove fog. I love the mystery and moodiness it brings to photos. And yesterday we had a perfect rain. It was like a mist and we had fog! Not a lot but just enough. It was a tad chillier than I would have liked, but we ventured out anyway. The best part was that Zoe was a willing participant! She cooperated (for the most part) and I got a few cute shots. She was treated to frozen yogurt after and we were both a bit damp but happy!


film is not dead

Yes, that is the title of a well known book. But its true. Many of the top wedding photographers exclusively shoot film. And do it well. And there truly is nothing like film. You can try hard to replicate digital to look like film but in the end, it will never be as dynamic. I’ve had several film cameras in my possession for a long time. Years ago I discovered the fun of medium format and the toy cameras, such as the Holga. I love my Holga. My father also picked me up an old German medium format camera from the 50′s. He had also given me his old Yashica range finder, but I have never been able to get it to work. So I just dreamed.

Last week, we sat outside eating our breakfast at our favorite bagel place and right across the street is a little camera store. So as an early Mother’s Day gift, we walked over and picked me up a Canon EOS Elan 7E film camera. The beauty of this camera is that all my Canon lenses will work on it! I tested it out at that evening’s photo shoot (didn’t really get anything very good but I literally had just bought the camera that morning!!!)

The next evening, I spent some time with a photografriend and her beautiful daughters. I tried it out again and I was so happy when I got the film developed and saw an amazing picture of Zoe and one I loved of my friend’s daughter. I plan on using the camera a LOT more often and I hope to become much better at getting an entire roll of good shots (practice makes perfect, right???) One of the things I love most about film is there is minimal to no post-processing for me to do. That gets handled by the film lab and I can just pop in a disc and be done. So awesome.

I hope to incorporate some more film into my photo shoots going forward. Stay tuned!

Amanda’s communion

We have waited a long time for a real spring here on Long Island. It seems to make a quick appearance and then disappear. The day we took Amanda’s communion pictures, Mother Nature teased us. It was a beautiful looking day, but rather chilly. Nevertheless, Amanda was a perfect model and never complained (ok, maybe a little but it was well deserved!) We took her pictures in her communion dress a full 2 weeks before her actual communion so she could have some pictures displayed at her party. The Planting Fields Arboretum provided a stunning backdrop and all the trees were in bloom! It was gorgeous. And so was Amanda.

For fun, I had a simple and elegant Baby’s Breath wreath made for her. I loved the way it looked with her dress! And the eyelashes?? ALL real. That is one lucky little lady!

Good luck this weekend, Amanda! And have a blast at your party. (I hope there’s lots of cookies & cream ice cream for you!)

Stay tuned next week for more pictures of sweet Amanda and and her gorgeous big sister!

spring has sprung! (for real this time)

I know I said spring was here in my last post, but it really hit us last week. Actually, we had a few days that felt like late spring/early summer weather. Our temperatures hit about 80! And I decided to do something I’ve never done before and take my girls for a photo shoot. Alone. By myself. I still can’t believe I didn’t talk myself out it! But it was too gorgeous of a day to waste it and I had to amazingly adorable outfits sitting around begging for a beautiful day and a beautiful location.

The place I wanted to take the girls to was closed on Tuesday (Of course I drove there having absolutely no clue about that fact.) So I quickly thought of the arboretum that I love and drove up there instead. I knew they suffered a lot of damage from Hurricane Sandy and had no idea if anything would be blooming at all. I was so happy to see that a few trees had lots of blossoms. There is a beautiful greenhouse right by the entrance, that provided stunning light and luscious backdrops.

Outfits by The Measure
Piper’s headband by Joyfolie

Piper loved running back and forth and really didn’t want to sit still. Of course, this was highly stressful for me. No more hard surfaces if I’m alone again:

Zoe is such a kind and wonderful big sister. She wanted to hold Piper’s hand and help her all the time (of course Piper wants to be independent and not be held back!):

Piper can’t jump yet, of course, but it really looks like she is here. Love it:

Piper actually cried when I took them out of the greenhouse. Then I took them to an even more stressful location. With steps. Glad I was able to grab these two images before taking them to the grass:

Ah, the grass. Much safer! And blooming trees! Yay:

Oh spring, how I heart you:

Zoe was so happy to see the yellow flowers on the ground. Earlier in the day, we were playing in the yard and Zoe found a small yellow flower on the ground. I told her not to pick it so we can watch how it grows and no sooner did I finish that sentence, Ellie strolls on over and eats it! Zoe was SO upset! At least Ellie can’t eat these flowers:

Love the architecture:

Love this girl:

Run, run, run:
Yet another shot of Zoe looking down. And her perfectly perfected pout:
This picture makes my heart swoon a thousand times over:
I think Piper had enough with the picture taking. She just ran down the path toward me like this:
Le sigh:
Looking forward to warmer and warmer days ahead!

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